Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to view the on-demand lectures?

1. Go to the on-demand lecture site -

2. Below the video at the top of the page, select "Click here to login"

3. In the pop-up, put in your email (make sure to use the same email you used to register for the convention)

4. Select "Login"

5. You should now be able to access all the content on this page. Simply scroll down and select the lecture you wish to view and then click "View Session"

It says my email is not valid? What do I do?

1. First, confirm that the email you are using to login is the same email you have used to register for the Convention.

2. Confirm that you have in fact registered for the on-demand lectures as part of your registration (registering for the conference did not automatically register you to view the on-demand lectures)

3. If you have confirmed the two items above and still cannot access, please contact us here.

How do I earn CE for on-demand lectures?

1. Navigate to the session you wish to watch for CE.

2. Below the video player is a form for you to add your name and email. Fill this out and select "Check In Now". At the end of the lecture you will need to "Check-Out"

3. MDA will be issuing CE certificates for out of Province attendees. MDA Members will have their CE Credits automatically loaded into MDA Members CE Records. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete this after April 30th.